Are You Serious About Losing Weight?

When you're serious about losing weight, it becomes a lot easier.

Here's what no one tells you about losing weight:

The secret of losing weight is WANTING TO LOSE WEIGHT SO MUCH....


Have you ever wondered how celebrities stay thin?

Oh, sure, you can tell yourself that they pop diet pills...

But a person can only take diet pills for so long.

Diet pills can kill you, and they make you feel horrible. They make you feel and act crazy.

The celebs are NOT popping diet pills. Now some may be keeping their weight down with drugs, but let's face it...

Not every celebrity is taking pills or drugs to stay slim.

Oh, you say, they have hours of time to spend in the gym!

That may be true sometimes, but most celebrities do not have hours of time on their hands.

They're constantly bombarded by having to attend to all kinds of trivia, from interview requests to consulting with their agent, publicist, and so forth.

It's a job just like anything else. It's stressful as well.

Back to our topic - why are celebrities so thin?

Because they are HIGHLY MOTIVATED.

If they don't look good, then their career is in the toilet, and people will talk about their weight.

We've all seen it happen to the FEW celebs who have gained weight. They're clearly in the minority.

And it's all connected to their self-esteem - like it is for the rest of us, too.

Being overweight leads to low self-esteem.

And low self-esteem leads to being overweight. It's a vicious cycle.

LOSING WEIGHT is guaranteed to raise your self-esteem.

Being highly motivated is the key.

How do you get highly motivated?

You have to orchestrate a major WAKE-UP CALL for yourself.

You have to look in the mirror that is NOT in your house.

You have to see a photograph of how you REALLY look.

That's the kind of wake-up call that has turned things around for most people who decided to FINALLY LOSE WEIGHT.

Once you have that wake-up call, something changes.

You FIND A WAY to lose that weight.

Then you find out that it was not nearly as hard as you thought it was going to be - and you wonder why you didn't lose the weight long ago.