Does This Make Me Look Fat?

"Does this make me look fat?" That's the age-old question.

If you have to ask the question, then you probably have a fat ass. You're just hoping that it doesn't show.

You can hide the fat-ass parts for a while, using Spanx or other shaping garments.

There are a BUNCH of shaping garments on the market.

However, when you wear shapewear, you are COMPRESSING YOUR ORGANS. You may find that after a few hours of wearing shapewear, you're so exhausted that you want to sleep for twelve hours.

That's because you're fat and you're wearing shapewear, my dear.

There's a much better way, and that is: lose the fat ass once and for all.

Being fat makes you feel crappy all the time.

You are secretly mad at yourself all the time because you know you don't look your best.

You know you'd look great if you only lost the weight.

And you're frustrated because this SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE. YOU'VE TRIED SO MANY TIMES.

It's NOT impossible to lose weight.

It's not impossible at all. People do this every day. People get to their goal weight and stay there.

There's one big difference about these people:

They're highly motivated to lose weight and stay that way.

They want to look good.

They want the confidence of being thin and having others marvel at how they got that way, and how they stay that way.

You can get motivated enough to lose the weight and keep it off. Don't give up.

Stay tuned to Fat Ass Diet to help you lose the weight.

Fat Ass Diet is dedicated to helping you lose your fat ass once and for all!