My Moment of Truth

It takes a big wake-up call to make you serious about losing weight. Usually this happens when we take an honest look at how we REALLY LOOK.

After weeks of tracking my progress in my first weight loss journal, I learned a lot. Journaling definitely is a MUST.

But I was still FAT. I'd fallen off the wagon and it took a week just to get back to my previous FAT ASS weight.

In the meantime, I'd hurt my foot. Just walking in the house, I twisted it on absolutely nothing.

Let's face it, there was a lot more weight above my foot, so the injury was no doubt WORSE due to my fat ass.

It was a really bad injury and I had to get on crutches, but of course I didn't want to go to a doctor even though google searches convinced me I'd broken an inner bone of the foot. I might just get told to stay off the foot for weeks. Check. I put off going to the doctor to see if things improved.

Meanwhile, hobbling around all hunched over, and not being able to move normally, gave me terrible posture and made me look 20 years older.

What was the turning point? I had a look in a mirror.

I visited a friend who has one mirrored wall. This wall has always been a major reality check.

It's not like the mirror at home that I have angled, and that I pose in front of in just the right "slimming as possible" posture.

When my friend was out of the room, I took a long hard look.

I looked terrible.

Even ten pounds lighter than I used to be, the hobbling and bad posture made me look just pathetic.

There was NO WAY I was going to be taken seriously looking like this.

There was NO WAY anyone could be attracted to me, looking like this.

Not only that, but I was having health scares.

I felt horrible ALL the time. Even though I'd stopped having sugar most of the time, I was not losing weight, and I still felt awful.

I'd had high blood pressure for several years (not going to the doctor of course - trying to address it naturally - and I'm not recommending that. It's just me).

I felt so awful and I was getting near the age that some unfortunate family members had kicked the bucket. In their case, they were either smokers or drinkers or considerably overweight or both.

I wasn't a smoker but I was drinker and I knew I was overtaxing my liver and was not metabolizing alcohol very well at all.

I was just disgusted to see how I'd let myself get. FAT does NOT look good on me.

This was it. This was my moment of truth.

I immediately started a REAL diet. I was ready for this now. You can read my journal at

Fat Ass Diet Serious Weight Loss Journal