How Much Can You Expect To Lose?

Once you start losing weight SERIOUSLY, then you can definitely lose 20 or more pounds in a month.

The good news is: the more overweight you are, the more weight you will lose each month.

That's because you're losing a percentage of your body fat.

My calculations are: serious weight loss will take off 15% or more of your body weight each month.

So if you weight 240 pounds, then you can expect to lose 36 pounds the first month.

Here's how to figure out how much weight you can lose when you're SERIOUSLY dieting.

Take your current weight (and don't shave any pounds off the truth).

Multiply that by 0.15

That will give you the number of pounds you will lose the first month when you stick to the plan.

Subtract that number of pounds from your current weight.

With your new number, multiply THAT by 0.15

That's the number of pounds you will lose the second month.


Starting weight: 240 pounds

Month One

240 x 0.15 = 36

240 - 36 = 204.

The first month, this person will go from 240 to 204.

Now for the figurings about the second month:

Month Two

204 x 0.15 = 30.6

204 - 30.6 = 173.4

Month Three

173 x 0.15 = 25.95 (We'll round this up to 26)

173 - 26 = 147

Month Four

So you can see here that the MAJORITY of people can reach their weight loss goal in two to three months.

Here is a CHART to see what you can expect to lose by following the Fat Ass Diet plan.

Fat Ass Diet is dedicated to helping you lose your fat ass once and for all!